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Why there is Poverty among Muslims? Think Long Term

Poverty, in the simplest terms can be defined as a lack of basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, education and skills. In other words, it is the absence of the means, of course money, to fulfil those needs

It is a matter of great concern that poverty is rampant among the Muslims. What is the reason behind and how to eradicate poverty? Think long term. As a matter of fact, poverty among Muslims should have been nonexistent because Islam strongly advocates helping others and encourages philanthropy

There are five pillars of Islam. Of them, four deal with one’s relationship with Allah. The fifth, which unfortunately we tend to forget, deals with ties between fellow Muslims. In numerical order, it is third in number. It is Zakat. Although, it is also between Allah and his servant but directly impacts others. As a matter of fact, Islam has created this institution to fight poverty. This is why Allah has put Zakat after Shahadah and prayer but before Fasting and Haj

The question arises as to why then there is poverty among Muslims. Despite being rich in all kinds of natural resources and with a fairly large number of billionaires in the world, majority of Muslims are living in poverty. As per Zakat Funds research, Zakat estimated roughly on Rs.1,40,000 crores is around Rs.3,500 crores and this amount can go a long way in helping many to manage for food, clothing, shelter, education and skills. Zakat can eradicate poverty and when you eradicate poverty, you can eradicate corruption, social injustice, human trafficking, reduce crimes and most important is that you save the dignity of a human being

There are many Muslim countries in the world that are rich in resources but poverty is beyond imagination. Poverty can be eradicated from the world if all Muslims start taking the institution of Zakat seriously, and contributing to one of the reputed not for profit organisation; Social Activities in Indian Framework – working in the areas of quality education services, skill development, livelihood generation, healthcare, agriculture initiatives and committed to eradicate poverty

Zakat and Saqdah cannot only help eradicate poverty but can also bring people closer — not only Muslims but also even people from other faiths. The Muslims have many rich people but it is very important to be part of Organisation and pay our dues. It is our responsibility to fight poverty and Zakat is the Islamic solution to this problem

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