Causes and Campaigns

Over the years Social Activities in Indian Framework has initiated, launched and organised campaigns to amplify the voice of marginalised communities and their rights. These campaigns have focused on specific issues – from influencing people friendly policies, education, skill development, livelihood, healthcare, agriculture, women empowerment, to rehabilitation efforts in disaster and natural calamities, to creating awareness on the situation of children, youth and families. Our campaigns have always involved the public, citizens and community representatives. Your support is crucial to bring about social change in the lives of underprivileged children and their communities. For more information, write to us at 

Support us in our response to COVID-19

SAIF India is on the ground responding to COVID-19 in every way possible

  • Goal: Rs. 10000000.00
Donate warm clothes to poor people

Donate warm clothes to poor people as they suffer much in winters

  • Goal: Rs. 500000.00
Donate old and new books

Donate old and new books, uniform, board games and fresh stationery for underprivileged children in villages, slums and orphanages

  • Goal: Rs. 5000000.00
Support to provide skills

Support to provide beauty or tailoring skills to a young woman in rural and semi-urban areas

  • Goal: Rs. 75000000.00
Support an Orphan

Alarmingly, one child is orphaned every 22 seconds in the world. Life is no doubt hard for these children. Fortunately, there is a system in place today

  • Goal: Rs. 200000.00
Educate Children in Need

For many children in India, school is just a dream. Caught in the cycle of poverty and exploitation, they are lost to education and thereby opportunities for life

  • Goal: Rs. 10000000.00
Donate to Improve the quality of education

Donate to improve the quality of education in rural areas

  • Goal: Rs. 10000000.00
Girls are Hoping for Bicycles

Too many girls across the country struggle to get to school each day. Our dream bicycle initiative is helping to change that reality for girls in many parts of the country

  • Goal: Rs. 500000.00
Be a Hero to a Child

Please come forward and contribute. Your contribution will transform lives

  • Goal: Rs. 10000000.00
Help us Purchase a New Ambulance

The prime need to raise this campaign is to generate as much as money for the purpose, i.e. to buy an ambulance for the poor and the needy

  • Goal: Rs. 600000.00
Donate for Sanitary Pads

To realize this Joy of Giving and Determined to bring in Social Change, we, at Social Activities in Indian Framework have launched the Donate for Sanitary Pads Campaign!

  • Goal: Rs. 500000.00
Medicine Bank

If you have unexpired, unopened medicines or injectables which are not of your use

  • Goal: Rs. 300000.00
Help the World to See

Every person deserves the right to clear vision. Donate today and help transform lives through the gift of clear vision

  • Goal: Rs. 200000.00
Donate a Wheelchair

Provide mobility to a poor disabled person by donating a wheelchair

  • Goal: Rs. 250000.00
Help Build School Infrastructure

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

  • Goal: Rs. 10000000.00
Enriching the Lives of the Marginalised Communities of India through Quality Education, Skill development,
Livelihood generation, Healthcare, Environment safety, Disaster response and Agriculture Initiatives